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I build websites... mostly. Occasionally I get to build tools and micro frameworks that may or may not be of use to others (I mostly build them to make my own life easier). On very special days I get to work on SAM, a website management app that I started work on in 2001.

My Open Source Projects

spas (Node.js)

This started out as an in house experiment, was reborn as my 2013 Node Knockout entry and then refactored and optimized into what it is now. spas combines, caches, filters and optimizes requests from multiple API's and serves them up in a tiny little bundle. Websites that make multiple requests for JSON data to 3rd party API's can benefit from spas. A big shout out to neopunisher for a lot of the ideas that went into little-spas.

More about spas

Leap Motion Color Explorer (vanilla.js)

I received a Leap Motion Controller at RobotsConf and this is one of the first things I built with it.

Try it out (Requires a Leap)

canDo.js (vanilla JS)

A canvas wrapper for lightweight animations. Ideal for animating simple UI elements.

More about canDo.js

siz-marquee (js, jQuery)

A framework for building custom marquees and banner animations. Will be vanilla JS soon.

More about siz-marquee

Timecop (Node.js)

A process that monitors Traffic Live to see if users have entered their time. If they are behind, a reminder email will be sent.

More about Timecop

logMyCallsToZoho (Node.js)

A process that looks for new calls in Log My Calls and enters them as new contacts or events on matched contacts at Zoho.

More about logMyCallsToZoho

SAM-YouTube (js, jQuery, jQueryTools)

Embeds YouTube videos in sites. Requires jQuery (optionally requires jQuery Tools for liteboxes).

More about SAM-YouTube

Project Contributions

I'm a little embarrassed that there is not more here. My personal goal is to grow this list.


A nice contextual menu for jQuery for which I added a minor feature and fixed a bug. The nerd in me was very proud to share blame on a file with Addy Osmani!


A node.js module for watching file trees. I helped with a minor bug fix. Again, sharing blame with some much better programmers than myself which makes me proud.

My Magnum Opus

SAM (not open source)

SAM is a proprietary web content management system that is, of course, better than every other web content management system (not that I'm biased). I first started work on it in 2001 and it has evolved into a very powerful and flexible tool for building websites. It is used on sites from Fortune 40 Corporations to home-based start-ups. Some of the features that make it different are:

There is no public marketing support for SAM, but I'll happily demo it to anyone who would like to see it.

Some sites I've built using SAM

I should qualify this. My company, BrandExtract, has a large team of people building these sites. Information architects, writers, designers, SEO experts, project managers and more. In addition, the clients themselves do a great deal of maintenance and construction on their own using the SAM interface. On these sites I was responsible for at least 50% of the template, JS, CSS and custom server side code. If I was responsible for less than half of the code on a site, I put it in the next section.