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A robot poking its head out from inside washing machine

Control LED's, Servos, Switches, and more with J5e. It runs onboard microcontrollers like the ESP8266. Your code is 100% JavaScript. It does not require node.js, a host server or an SBC to host the app.

J5e is a device framework built upon ECMA-419, the Embedded Systems API Specification for ECMAScript. ECMA-419 provides a standard interface for accessing underlying hardware interfaces (GPIO). J5e's API is based on the Johnny-Five API which has been battle tested over quite some time.

Currently, the only provider that conforms to ECMA-419 is Moddable's IO module for XS which runs on the ESP32 and ESP8266. Hopefully, we will see more soon.

J5e in action

import LED from "j5e/led";

const led = await new LED(14);

New users should check out the Getting Started guide.

Interested in contributing? Check out in the repo.

J5e Modules