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Super Proxy Asset Server

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spas is a pragmatic tool for bundling multiple API requests into a single request/response for the end user. spas throttles, caches, parses, filters, concatenates and minifies API responses. It serves them all up in one tidy little package resulting in fewer requests and smaller downloads.

  1. spas minimizes the number of requests your visitors have to make to their DNS servers
  2. spas reduces the number of requests your visitors have to make to 3rd party web servers
  3. spas reduced the total amount of data your users have to download
  4. spas reduces the amount of client side processing of data your visitors browser must perform
  5. spas protects you from changes to 3rd party API's
  6. spas can give your visitors access to protected data without making your credentials public

For example, something like this:


Client side javascript performance is also improved. Transforms to the API responses can be performed on the server plus the filtered API responses are lighter in memory and can be manipulated faster on the client.