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Super Proxy Asset Server

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spas is a node.js project. You can download node from


spas uses the redis key-value store available from


spas is a standalone node.js application. It is not meant to be used as a module in another application. It can be installed globally using npm or in a folder of your choice using a tar or zip download from github.

Global install using NPM:

First install the application

$ [sudo] npm install spas -g

Create a Project

You will need a folder for your spas project. It can be anywhere you like

$ cd /var/foo
$ mkdir myProject
$ cd myProject

Next use spas and npm to add the necessary files to your project

$ spas --create
$ npm install

-- or --

Local install using tar or zip file:

Grab the latest from the master branch using the zip or tar link above or grab a specific version from github

Extract to a location of your choice (i.e. /var/www/spas)

Use npm and spas to add the necessary files to your project

$ cd /var/www/spas
$ npm install
$ node spas --create


At this point you can test spas. A sample bundle configuration is included for testing. Launch spas from your project directory:

For global installs

spas --dev

or for local installs

node spas --dev

Assuming you are serving from your local machine, navigate to http://localhost:3000/sample. You should get a JSON object in the response.

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